Having Something to Share

I want to share words that mean so much to me, those are “You are in control.”  That means the world to me.  For so long I had no chance to exercise control over my life.  It’s hard to describe how that feels.  Now that I can communicate, it is liberating.  Try to imagine what people without communication fee like every day.  You can’t really do it, but try.  Then try to imagine how it would feel to go through life like that.  That is how I lived for sixteen years.  Probably you are thinking,  “That would suck”.  You are right.  Trust me, it did.  Trust me, other people still feel this way.  Train yourself to see non-speaking people as fully human.  We deserve your respect.IMG_0659

Feeding the Brain

I love to learn, and my brain is constantly hungry for new inspiration. As an autistic young adult, I missed out on years of lectures in a classroom but I gained insight on what a privilege education is. We are so lucky as citizens of the United States to have free access to an extraordinary amount of information. We need to understand how amazing that truly is. I have found immense joy exploring a wide range of subjects from poetry to revolution and everything in between. I am learning from the people who came before me so that I can make the world better for the people who will come after me. My brain is hungry so feed me more.