Poetry Rocks!

Our community is often ignored or ridiculed, but in a poetry class taught by DJ and Ralph Savarese it was encouraged, embraced and respected. Thank you Lynx for giving us this platform. I highly recommend this course to all spellers who are interested. You can learn more about it at this link: https://www.lynxproject.org/about

I would like to share a draft of a poem that I began working on in the class. I will probably revisit it later but here is the current version:

Many ways to speak,

many ways to dream,

the heart is not deaf.

We will sing ourselves.

Not really present,

not speaking loud,

the heart is writing

songs of resistance.

Many ways to write,

many ways to build,

dreaming of a world that sees us,

we are pounding at the door.

Not really silent,

not really sure,

strong words flow from fast fingers.

Our songs will break your walls.