Poetry Rocks!

Our community is often ignored or ridiculed, but in a poetry class taught by DJ and Ralph Savarese it was encouraged, embraced and respected. Thank you Lynx for giving us this platform. I highly recommend this course to all spellers who are interested. You can learn more about it at this link: https://www.lynxproject.org/about

I would like to share a draft of a poem that I began working on in the class. I will probably revisit it later but here is the current version:

Many ways to speak,

many ways to dream,

the heart is not deaf.

We will sing ourselves.

Not really present,

not speaking loud,

the heart is writing

songs of resistance.

Many ways to write,

many ways to build,

dreaming of a world that sees us,

we are pounding at the door.

Not really silent,

not really sure,

strong words flow from fast fingers.

Our songs will break your walls.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Rocks!”

  1. Alex – what a powerful use of words and imagery to convey one important message. You and your friends are stewards of change. Your determination to dismantle the barrier wall is inspiring and courageous. Continue trailblazing my friend……


  2. I loved the poem Alex! Really powerful! I LOVE you and am PROUD of you. Keep up all the hard work, but don’t forget to have fun while you are doing it.


  3. Alex Nana and I are trying to reply to your blog but weekly suck at this techno stuff. That being said we both loved your poem and would love to share it with some friends if you are ok with that. We won t Domitian til you give the ok. Really loved the whole message and the language.
    Nana and Poppas


  4. Alex,I love your poem and am so happy you shared it with us. Thanks for telling us about the poetry class, too. Will check that out for Will. Hope you are feeling well. Jacquelyn and Will


  5. Alex, I talked with your Nana today. She told me how impressed and proud of your accomplishments. Your Nana sent me your blog. After reading your poem – congratulations, your words are very meaningful.


  6. Wow, Alex! What a powerful and inspiring poem. I see you — and with poetry like this you are indeed breaking down walls and making the world see you. Sending lots of love your way.



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