A Day With No Words

I want to tell you a bout an amazing new book by Tiffany Hammond, called A Day With No Words. It is the story of a mom and her nonspeaking autistic son. They both push the boundaries of communication. My favorite scene is when the mom yells at people underestimating her son, using only her typed words.

Kids need to read this book to better understand their nonspeaking peers who are often separated from them at schools. (They deserve to be included.) I hope this book becomes a best seller. Please read it. You can pre-order it here: https://linktr.ee/adaywithnowords?utm_source=linktree_profile_share&ltsid=8c5bfdc8-bda3-4384-8e9e-744ff3bf09c1&utm_medium=email

If you want to give me a birthday present, you can buy a copy for a school or library in your town.

I feel like my family just got bigger.



3 thoughts on “A Day With No Words”

  1. Great post Alex. I am going to work on trying to getting the book into Charlie’s school’s library. And as always, I am very proud of you. Love Uncle Jeff. Ps Charlie does have 2 non speakers in his grade and they were both in his homeroom last year.


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