Strength in Numbers

A little over a week ago I watched hundreds of people gather in support of a non-profit that has been critical to my journey of finding my voice. Although I am incredibly grateful for what AALIVE has done for me, what stuck out most to me was the love and excitement that filled the room. Every inch of space was bursting with the energy that comes when people gather together in support of something that matters. In this room I saw how powerful the human race is when we come together with a common purpose. I have attended this event before but this year many of my nonspeaking friends joined in on the fun. It showed me a glimpse of what it will be like when we all come together to create the inclusive world I dream of. It is encouraging to see how the AALIVE community has created a community of people who share this vision. I see so much possibility in the union between the neurotypical mind and those with differing abilities. I believe that we are stronger together and I am grateful for all those who stand with me in that belief. Thank you to the AALIVE community and everyone who continues to come back each year in support of a brighter future.