Book club

I had the privilege of participating in a book club the past few months with a group of fellow non-speakers and friends. Let me tell you… It was awesome! It was truly a wonderful opportunity to explore a new topic while connecting with like-minded people. We dove into the world of football with Doug Pederson’s book, Fearless. It opened up discussions on a wide range of subjects. We were able to really connect  and learn so much about each other. We explored the characteristics of strong leaders and were able to discuss how those qualities can aid us in our journey as advocates for people with differing abilities. I think it is so special when a book can spark a conversation and drive people together. What a beautiful thing! Thank you Doug Pederson and Go Birds!

My friends and I also helped to create a storefront for Inside Voice on Zazzle. We designed some cool t-shirts – the one I worked on with my friend Tom is featured below. Check out other options at this link:

3 thoughts on “Book club”

  1. Alex – CONGRATS! I am thrilled that you have launched your Blog. The achievements you have celebrated over the past two years are remarkable. Looking forward to reading and enjoying ALL of what you share. Go Birds….Go ALEX!


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