What is on your list?

During this time of year, with holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and the general noise of the holiday season, we forget to stop and be truly present. I am guilty of not remembering to use this time of year to stop and reflect. In so many ways this time of year is a gift. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the time gone by and be with the ones we love. It’s a cliche but the true gift of Christmas is the gift of being together. I want to challenge you all to look beyond your shopping lists and holiday agendas and instead reflect on what it is you really need. Think of the lists your heart and mind might craft. Do you need more inner peace? Do you need the courage to pave a new career path? Do you need the confidence to stand up against a person who makes you feel small? Maybe you simply need this little reminder to look within yourself for the answers. What I need this year is a reminder that to be fully alive is to be present in all of life’s moments. Merry Christmas everyone!img_5865

One thought on “What is on your list?”

  1. Wonderful post Alex. And just remember that everyone has trouble being in the present and embracing the moment. It is actually a really difficult thing to do for me, but always something to strive for. Reflecting on things can be important too. But equally important is while your reflecting not to dwell on things that are in the past. Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas. I LOVE YOU AND AM ALWAYS PROUD OF YOU.


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