High Road to Advocacy

It is easy to look at Martin Luther King with admiration for all that he accomplished in his abbreviated lifetime. It is hard not to look at his with awe! In reflecting on his life I realize a lesson that resonates with me deeply. Dr. King was an unwavering example of what it means to stand up for what you believe in. But even more so, an example of how to do it with poise, respect, and integrity. There is so much bravery in standing up for your beliefs. It requires honesty and courage and puts you in a vulnerable position. But what requires the most courage of all is when you can stand up without tearing others down. When you can share your views without belittling someone else’s. When you can speak your truth without needing the rest of the world to agree. This is where Dr. King set the bar high. As a non-speaker I have dreams of equal rights for people like me. I have a vision for a world that no longer views differing needs as a deficit. But what MLK did was inspire me to lead by example. He taught me to be the example of the changes I wish to see. I hope that with my advocacy I can pursue a legacy of equal rights for all people.

One thought on “High Road to Advocacy”

  1. Hi Alex. It is wonderful that you are taking inspiration from Dr. King. It would be wonderful if everybody could stand up without tearing others down. Unfortunately not everybody is kind. But that doesn’t mean give up. Keep on keeping up the good fight Alex. And as always I love you and am extremely proud of you. Hope you like the lava lamp.


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